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Travelodge Pet friendly hotels, locations & pet policies

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Type of Hotel:
Customer Ratings
Typical Pet Policy
(varies by location)

Travelodge Pet Policies & Information

Travelodge is a chain of motels that spans across the United States. And with comfortable accommodations, affordable prices, and fast, easy booking, Travelodge has changed the definition of what a motel can be. Traveling with your pet on a budget? With over 300 locations, you can find Travelodges located in the heart of most American destinations. No more worrying about hotels that are miles and miles from place you traveled all this way to visit. Looking to hit the road with your furry pal but don’t want to break the bank? Travelodge is the place for you.

Pet Policy

Travelodge pet policies vary from location to location. Many have pet fees, which start around $10 per pet per night. Most Travelodges that allow pets welcome dogs but may not accommodate cats. Weight and number restrictions may differ widely depending on the individual location. Use the search bar above to find out the pet policy at the specific Travelodge you plan to visit.

About Travelodge

Petswelcome users have had mixed experiences at Travelodges. On average, they rate Travelodge 3 stars for human friendliness, 5 stars for pet friendliness, and 3.5 stars for overall value. Reviews emphasized the pet friendliness, the downtown location, and the wallet-friendly rates.

“Looking to hit the road with your furry pal but don’t want to break the bank? Travelodge is the place for you.”

One of the first motel chains in America, Travelodge was founded in Southern California in 1939. Tasked by founder Scott King with providing travelers quality budget accommodations, Travelodge quickly gained renown for its affordability and convenient location. That reputation has only grown since. By regularly upgrading their facilities to increase comfort and convenience, Travelodge has evolved into a quality motel chain for the 21st century. Looking to book fast? Use their Lightning Book service! Want to check in and out without all the hassle? No problem! Just use Travelodge’s Mobile Check-In and Checkout. Travelodge is the perfect choice for the budget pet owner on the go.

Travelodge has a long history with animals! It used to be well known for its cuddly mascot Sleepy Bear. The charming teddy bear used to sleepwalk about in his nightcap, pajamas, and slippers. In fact, every Travelodge used to have a Sleepy Bear Den room, and every child who slept in it would be gifted a plush version of the beloved mascot. While Sleepy Bear is largely retired, his legacy lives on at all the pet-friendly Travelodges across the United States.