11 Fun Things To Do With Your Pet This Summer

Summer is here! The perfect combination of warmer weather, long sun-filled days, and a furry buddy means you have to go outside and explore.

Summer is here! Go have fun!

  1. Go to the beach and play fetch, splash in the water
  2. Head to the dog parks in the evenings when itโ€™s a little cooler and play till you both canโ€™t play anymore
  3. Instead of a walk, go for a jog
  4. Take your dog on a hike and camp for a weekend
  5. Play frisbee in the park
  6. Take a long walk through your town and end it at a bar or cafe that allows dogs on their patios
  7. Go swimming in a lake together
  8. Take your pup fishing with you
  9. Bring your dog to work and spend lunch time playing fetch
  10. Go to an outdoor concert or movie in the park with your dog
  11. Build your cat a new window perch so she can sun herself

Image from Zooland.ro

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