5 Tips for Moving With Your Pet

Got new digs? Time to pack up and go? Your pet may not understand what’s going on and get anxious. It’s exhausting for you and can be scary for your pet. Boxes, furniture being moved around or thrown out, and routine changes aren’t easily understood by our pets. If you’re lucky your cat might just think you are creating a new playground. Your dog might think it’s just a new way to check things out. But for many pets it signals change and change can be scary.

If you’re moving here are 5 moving tips to make it stress-free for your pet

  1. Find a safe place – As you move things out of the house and into the moving truck, make sure your pet is safe. Crate your dog so s/he doesn’t bolt out the front door and put your cat in a room where the boxes and furniture have been moved out. This will give your pet a safe place to “hide” and relax as the moving truck is packed up.
  2. Keep food and supplies out – As you’re packing remember to keep out some of your pet’s supplies. This way you can feed your pet in the old place and when you get to the new place you won’t be hunting for the littler box, food bowls, and food. If your pet is on medication, keep those out! A bag or open box that will go with you in the car of your pet’s items can keep things together without getting lost in the shuffle.
  3. Find a new vet – As part of the moving process, find a new vet. Your current vet may have a recommendation and you can also read reviews on websites like Yelp about the vets near your new place. If you’re just moving to a new part of the same area, you may not need to find a new vet. But a new city means new doctors for you and your pet! Also, find out where the 24 hour emergency vet is just in case.
  4. Get your new place pet ready – Before you get your pet moved to the new digs, make sure it’s all pet safe. Gates to keep your pet out of the basement or laundry room, screens securely placed in windows, and making sure the cabinets close securely will help ease the stress of moving.
  5. Update information – Update your dog’s tags, your cat’s microchip information, and any other identification that has your old address on it.

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