7 Tips To Care For Your Dog’s Paws

Your dog’s paws are made for walking and are tough enough to withstand cement, walking on gravel, hiking trails, and other terrain. The pads provide protection from sharp objects like the soles of our shoes. The pads also absorb shock that helps protect their joints. But at the end of the day your dog’s paws might be a little sore, little tired, and could probably use some TLC. Help your dog out by checking the paws and pampering them now and then.

7 Paw Care Tips

  1. Snip and Trim: Trim the hair between the toes and pads to prevent matting.
  2. After walks wipe your pet’s paws: Sometimes the walk through the park or hike means your dog may have tiny pebbles or dirt stuck between the toes. A simple wipe or check after the walk will alleviate any pain and discomfort.
  3. Moisturize those paws: dog paws can become dry and crack. Talk to your vet about what kind of moisturizer is good for dogs. Don’t use brands geared for humans.
  4. Start slow with new exercise: If your dog is on a new diet and exercise routine, start slow with the exercise. Paws might hurt after a long walk when they are used to shorter ones. Think of when you walk a lot in a day how your feet feel, your dog’s may feel the same.
  5. Summer sidewalks burns: hot sidewalks can burn paws. It’s important to remember this. Walk your dog on grass and you might want to alter the schedule of walks if the sidewalks become scorching. Early morning and later evening walks when the pavement cools are better.
  6. Wintertime: Super cold sidewalks can create chapped and cracked paws! Rock salt and other de-icers can burn the paws. Wipe your dog’s feet after a walk and if your dog will tolerate it, buy the booties.
  7. Keep your yard clean: To avoid injured paws, check your yard for debris like broken glass, rusty nails, or other sharp objects that could pierce your dog’s paws.

Photo from Dogster.com

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