Dog Vacationing in the San Juan Islands, Washington


If you and your dog are hikers, this is the place to go! This is a group of hundreds of islands West of mainland Washington. You can take a ferry to Orcas, San Juan, Shaw and Lopez. It is a good place to escape from the rainy weather in Portland or Seattle, because all of the rain that reaches this area gets dumped on Vancouver Island, so these places are usually sunny.

Make sure you have a ferry schedule to get there. Dogs can go on the ferries but they have to remain in cars or car decks.


Clover Valley

This is a popular local dog park of North Whidbey Island, so you can bring your dog here if it is social. There are two acres where your dog can run around off-leash. The area is contained within a wooden gate.

Patmore Pit

This is a 40-acre off-leash area park that is partially fenced. There are lots of brush, trees and crab grass for your dog to sniff and explore.

Orcas Island

Moran State Park

This park has over 5,000 acres of forest, 5 lakes, 2 waterfalls and 30 miles of hiking trails. Cascade Lake has a designated swimming area, but dogs are not allowed in the roped-off area. You can take our dog hiking up the marvelous 2,400 foot peak, Mt Constitution.

Obstruction Pass

This is a rustic park full of many campsites. There are many observation rocks where you can stare off into the distance, or look at starfish suck on the rocks!

San Juan Island

San Juan County Park

This park is famous for whale-watching, and the territory comes complete with a beach, rocky bluff and gravel beach. There are many areas you can take your dog hiking, or relax and enjoy a picnic and observe the wildlife.

American Camp

This camp is big and rugged, and has over 1,000 acres of planes, forests and beaches. There are many historical guidebooks you can take along with you while you hike with your dog.

Shaw Island

Shaw Island County Park

This park is on a tiny island that isn’t often frequented by tourists. It is a fantastic beach where you can access great views of Canoe and Lopez Islands. The sand is very soft, which your dog will like. There are also several observation rocks and driftwood logs for your contemplative bonding with your dog!

Guemes Island

Young’s Park

This island is actually nicknamed “Dog Island,” so it is very appropriate for dog vacationing. This particular park has many uses, including fishing, crabbing, beachcombing, stick throwing, kite flying, boating, exploring or fetch playing. The surface of the beach has sand and gravel, so your dog will like it. The best views of Canada can be seen from the North side.

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