Pet Friendly Hotels in San Fran

Taking a break? Or traveling for work to San Francisco? If you’re taking your best buddy with you and need a place to stay, check out these pet friendly hotels. Some of them offer pet services and others are no frills and just ask that your dog be well-behaved and not be destructive or hostile towards strangers.

Argonaut Hotel
495 Jefferson Street

The Argonaut Hotel is a pet friendly hotel that has no weight restriction or limit on the number of pets per room. So your Great Dane and St. Bernard are 100% welcome to stay with you! The hotel does require that all pets be up to date with vaccines and that when making a reservation you let them know that there will pets accompanying you. There are amenities available for your pet as well such as dog walking, toys, and food. The hotel is located on the waterfront and is a four story brick building that covers half of the block. You can take your pups for a stroll and look out to the ocean every morning. Chances are your dog might get spoiled by the dog treats that the staff tend to carry in their pockets!

Rates start at $219 and there is no additional pet fee.

Serrano Hotel
405 Taylor Street

The Serrano Hotel is a beautiful 1920s Spanish colonial style hotel that has over 200 rooms and welcomes pets. There is no weight restriction or additional pet fee. Please call them and let them know you’re bringing a pet or pets with you when you make the reservation. They have no limit to the number of pets per room and offer some extra amenities such as dog walking, toys, and treats. Bring a copy of the vaccination records with you so they know that your pets are up to date and don’t forget the doggy bags. This hotel is located in the downtown area of San Fran. The closest park is about a ½ mile away.

Rates start at $125 a night with no additional pet fee.

Beresford Hotel
635 Sutter Street

The Beresford Hotel is pet friendly with no restrictions on weight or limit of the number of pets you bring. It’s a family owned hotel and offers great meals at the White Horse Restaurant located right in the hotel. You and your pup won’t be too far away from the waterfront but be prepared for busy sidewalks while your dog tries to do her business. The neighborhood is bustling. When making your reservation let them know you are bringing pets.

Rates start at $90 a night and they take AAA.

10 Pet Friendly Hotels

Recently, the travel planning website, Tripadvisor, released a list of the top 10 pet friendly hotels to stay at when traveling. The results are based on user reviews that have stayed at various places and use the site to help plan and purchase package deals.

Looking for a place to stay with your furry friend that will pamper them a little and offer some services? Then try staying at one of these places the next time you’re on the road.

1: Affinia Dumont – located in NYC the hotel boasts having dog beds, treats, and a pet psychic in case your pet just needs someone to talk to. Rates range from $200 to $650 and require that all animals staying are up to date with vaccines.

2: Hotel Monaco – if you’re going to be in Portland, Or and need a hotel that will cater to your pet and you, this could be the place. They have many amenities for your pet including pet bowls and a personal greeting on the welcome board for each pet that comes to their hotel. Rates range from $125 to $350. Check with the hotel about their pet policy before booking.

3: Ocean Park Resort – going on a trip to Myrtle Beach? Taking your pup? Book a room here and your pet will get some TLC. Check the hotel’s pet policy before booking. Rates range from $55 to $150 with an additional $15 pet fee.

4: Palomar Washington – in Washington, D.C. your pet can be pampered and loved. Get him a pet pedicure, a pet bed of their own to lay on, and come to the happy hour/yappy hour where dogs can hang out in a lounge called “The Dish.” Rates range from $180 to $560.

5: A Laughing Horse Lodge – these beach cottages located in Port Aransas, TX offer dog treats and collars for your dog to wear while you’re there that read, “Return me to Laughing Horse Lodge” in case they lost. Rates range from $58 to $240.

6: The Paw House Inn – does your dog need her own pet bed? Need an off-leash dog park that’s near by? The Paw House Inn in West Rutland Vermont has a dog park as their backyard! There are also hiking trails and the inn provides homemade dog treats. Rates range from $135 to $255.

7: Carmel Country Inn – located Carmel, Ca is a bed and breakfast that provides treats for your pup and will also take a pic and display her on their board in the lobby as a “VIP.” Rates range from $195 to $395.

8: Hotel Marlowe – there are no size or weight restrictions at this hotel in Cambrdige, MA. They offer a package for dogs that includes a fuzzy blanket, gourmet treats, and scratching post for your kitty. Rates range from $204 to $490.

9: La Quinta Inn – staying in Valdosta, GA the LaQuinta Inn has a pet area and there’s no extra pet fee to have your buddy with you on your trip. Rates range from $89 to $128.

10: Cypress Inn – located in Carmel, Ca this inn has a doggie menu and yappy hours for your dog. Rates range from $150 to $575.

Hotels Where Pets Can Stay Free

As hotels open their doors to pets to stay with you as your travel, many of them charge a fee ranging from an extra $10 up to $150 for your pet. Many of us understand why the fees are charged and are happy to pay them but there are some chain hotels that are free for your pet to snooze in the room with you.

The following pet friendly hotel chains don’t charge extra fees and offer services for your pet like dog walking or dog sitting. Policies may change and can vary by individual locations, so always check the pet policy before booking your room.

Klimpton Hotels does not charge for pets to stay nor does it have a size or breed restriction. They provide dog beds, bowls, and gourmet treats for your furry friend all for free as well. There are packages that you can purchase for your pet if some extra TLC and pampering is needed. Some of them include nail trims, massages, and a bath. Klimpton strives to create a stress free stay for you and your pet.

La Quinta also allows pets to stay free with you in your hotel room. They limit the size of a dog to 50 lbs. and when you book online, be sure to write a note in the “Special Requests” section of the reservation form. There are over 700 La Quinta hotels nationwide for you to stay at and they all allow pets. If you make your reservation by phone, tell the rep that you’re bringing your dog so they can accommodate you as needed.

Red Roof Inns has been pet friendly for many years. They often have a booth at pet events and have always opened their doors to pets. Pets stay free at their chains. When you book your room let them know you’re traveling with your pet. Some of the Red Roof Inns can not allow dogs due to the local laws of the town they are located in. As it stands right now, Red Roof in Oxon Hills, MD, Flushing, NY, and Pigeon Forge, TN can only allow service dogs to stay in their hotels.

Motel 6 is a budget friendly hotel chain that lets pets stay free. Let them know you’re dog or cat is with you when you book your room. The only reason they may not allow your pet is if there is a safety or health risk or if the area you are staying in has local laws that prohibit pets. Check with each Motel 6 branch before booking your room to make sure Fido can stay too.

Happy travels!

3 Fall Getaways

If the changing of fall to winter is bumming you out, there are some getaways that aren’t too pricey and welcome your four-legged friend. Call ahead to check the rates as some places are cheaper during off-season time.

If the hustle and bustle of living in a city is getting to you and you want a break but want to take it in another city, as a tourist, and not as a daily grinder, head to Miami. The Epic Hotel is located in downtown Miami, Florida and pets can stay for free. They even get VIP treatment from the staff and have their own bedding and food bowls. If you need someone to walk your dog while you’re out and about, they can help with pet-sitting, dog-walking, grooming, and massage services. They offer spa services for you, have luxury dining options, and packages to help you have a stress-free getaway.

The Paw House Inn in West Dover, Vermont is a dog-themed hotel that caters to pets and their parents. It’s a bed and breakfast inn that was once a farmhouse dating back to the late 1700s with a dog park that is the size of a football field for your canine to run around as well as an agility course. You could spend a weekend here re-bonding with your dog. When you want some time alone to take in the surrounding beauty, Paw House has a doggie daycare service that will watch your pet while you’re out.

In Monterey, California the Victorian Inn is perfect for you and your pup. This inn has a pet-friendly package that has treats, bowls, a toy, and a fireplace in every room. The inn has 70 rooms with private patios, internet access, and offers breakfast, and wine and cheese, and an outdoor hot tub. They will assist you if you need a dog walker or grooming service while you check out the aquarium or explore the Monterey wineries.

NYC: Weekend Getaways For You and Fido

Between crazy weather patterns, kids back to school on the trains being nutty, and MTA proposing cuts and fare increases, isn’t it time for a weekend getaway?! There are several places that you drive to that aren’t too far away but can help you recharge and come back to the grind refreshed. You can also bring your best buddy with you and explore dog parks, hiking trails, and treat Fido to a weekend free of city dirt, whizzing cars, and stepping on gum.

The William Henry Miller Inn in Ithaca, NY is about a 5 hour drive from NYC and is located in the Finger Lakes region. It is dog-friendly and located downtown and within walking distance of the Cascadilla Gorge and Ithaca Falls. Rooms range from $160 to $250 a night and include breakfast.

If you want something a bit closer, Mount Tremper has a great resort and spa that is pet friendly and located near a dog park. The Emerson Resort and Spa is located 2 hours outside of NYC and has some of the best hiking trails for you and your pup to explore. The rooms start at $180 a night plus a pet fee and depending on the type you choose, your dog can get a gift basket of treats, a bed, and a donation is made to the local SPCA in your dog’s name.

For a lush and luxurious weekend, the Mill House Inn in East Hampton can be your destination. They will cook breakfast for your dog and you will be able to walk around the historic town with your best friend at your side. There are wine tastings, beaches, and spa services available. The rooms change prices and can start at $250 a night during off holiday seasons but can be as much as $1200 depending on the type of room you choose. They will also help you plan the perfect getaway if you are bringing your significant other and want to make it a special weekend. The Mill House Inn is about a 3 hour drive from NYC or you can take the Jitney.

It’s Not Easy Being a Cat: Cats and Stress

Cats sleep anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day broken up into several naps throughout the day. Some of that time is really just lying around with their eyes closed but not fully asleep and some of it is deep sleep where you may hear your cat “snore” and dream.

But cats, as relaxed, cool, and curious as they may be, they do not adapt well to change. They are hyper sensitive to their environment and become easily anxious and stressed when their home, territory, or family changes in some way. There are different types of stress such as external and emotional.

Some causes of external stress for cats are:

1: New family member – baby, puppy, kitten, fish, or grandma moving in can stress your cat out. Your cat may suddenly become frustrated and act aggressive or withdraw. Some cats may stop using the litter box as a way to tell you they are unhappy.

2: Moving – moving to a new apt or house scares cats. It’s a new place, new noises, smells, and lots of hustling in the days before and after. When moving out put your cat in a separate room as the furniture and movers take your stuff. When you go the new home, let your cat acclimate himself in one room and make sure he has some familiar things around him such as his food bowls, bed, toys, and litter box. When it’s quiet, go in and spend a little time with him.

3: New routine – a new job or change in schedule can mean new routines and that can throw a cat off. Make sure your cat still gets some play time and affection when you come home at the end of your work day. It’ll help relieve the anxiety that you might not be coming back.

4: Loud parties – noises can scare cats. Give you cat a safe space, one room where no guests can go, so your cat can hide and feel safe. Try to not host parties that are totally nuts often and afterwards during the hangover and cleanup, spend some time relaxing with your cat.

5: Seeing cats in the yard – cats love to perch in windows and watch the world go by but if they see a strange cat they can become extremely worked up and stressed out. This is because they cannot get outside to defend their territory. In some case, the cat may run into the window or glass doors and hurt himself. In other cases, your cat may redirect its frustration and scratch you or someone in the house.

Emotional stressors are:

1: Death of a family member – be it a pet or a person, cats will notice the absence of the individual and will feel loss. They may mew and hunt around for the missing family member or become more needy and desire more attention.

2: Panic – If a cat feels trapped he may panic. If a cat feels unsafe he may panic. Anything that induces a feeling of fear can cause huge amounts of stress in a cat. Some examples are thunderstorms, fireworks, the vacuum, and sometimes your friend’s toddler who wants to hug and squeeze your cat and “call him George.”

3: Jealousy – this can happen with the introduction of a new cat, new baby, or new person you are dating. Your cat will work it out eventually and if your significant other spends a little time with your cat and plays with him or feeds him, this will often reduce any chances of behavior issues.

There are many reasons cats can feel frustration and stress. These were a few of the more common things cats experience that make them unhappy. They may change how they relate to you and become more needy or less, may spend time hiding out more, or may stop using the litter box. Some cats will stop eating while others may overeat. Cats are varied in how they deal with stress like us.

There are natural remedies like herbs, flower essences, and homeopathic remedies that can help reduce the anxiety and stress your cat is feeling.

1: Love MyPet Stress Relief – this is an herbal formula that can be mixed in water. Your cat may not like it and might avoid drinking that water so be sure to keep a separate bowl nearby. You may try mixing a few drops in some wet food if your cat is hyper sensitive to tainted water like my cats.

2: HomeoPet Anxiety – this is also herbal based and registered with the FDA. You can administer drops directly into your pet’s mouth or in their water. There are no long-term side effects but your pet might drool or shake their head because of the taste, which you can chase with milk or a treat.

3: Farnam Feliway Plugin – It’s like a scented plugin that you might use to make your house smell nice but this one is for cats. It uses synthesized feline pheromones to help cats feel calmer. It’s odorless to humans and mimics a cat’s facial pheromones to draw out a calming feeling in your stressed out cat.

If you find that these natural remedies aren’t working with your cat, then talk to your vet to see if you may need to give your cat a prescription medication. Also, try to find out what new element or change might be causing the stress and if you can change it or reduce its impact on your cat, give it a shot. You’ll be glad you did.

Photo Courtesy of Evapro A great way to find other dog lovers

Have you ever gone to the local dog park and found yourself surrounded by a dozen or more dogs that are all the same breed and wondered what is going on? You probably went on a day when there was a breed-specific meet up happening.

More and more people and their dogs schedule play dates. It helps the owners make new friends and the dogs feel comfortable and balanced playing with the same pack.

Snickers at the NYC Shiba Inu Meet Up
Snickers at the NYC Shiba Inu Meet Up

So your dog could use some friends… and hey, why not you too? There’s nothing wrong with more friends, right? And maybe you’ll meet someone who also dances to Katy Perry in their living room with their dog too!


You can find a like-minded person on any social network but one that is no frills and straight to the point is It’s very simple to join and easy to search for groups that may interest you. If you can’t find a group, you can create one.

How does it work?

Create your profile; enter your zip code and being searching for groups that are relevant to your interests. Some of the dog groups are breed specific and others are size oriented. Once you join a group, you’ll get emails of when there is a meet up scheduled and can leave messages on the discussion board.

It’s simple, easy, and takes no time at all to find like-minded people. Chances are there is a dog group in your town, city, or nearby that meets regularly. You can make a few new friends and find a pack for your dog that will become a second family for him/her.

There are a lot of dog groups on There are a lot of dog lovers in the world. It’s a great way to connect. Here are a few of the dog groups we found:

The P-Town Pee-wees Small Breed (under 20lbs) Play Group is located in Portland, Oregon this group has 423 members and has had 74 meet ups to date and typically meets on Sundays. Their next meet up will be the 14th of February at 11am at the Woodstock Ball Field located in SE Portland.

NYC Yappy Hour™: This is a wine and canine group in New York City. Their meet ups are held in indoor areas where dogs are allowed to play and people bring wine and socialize. It’s for dog owners who have dogs under 25lbs and sponsored by Happy Dog NYC, a boarding, daycare company located in New York.

Atlanta Unleashed is a group located in Atlanta, Ga has play dates and on-leash hikes in Georgia’s beautiful State and National Parks. Their meet ups are casual with the next meet up scheduled at Pickneyville Dog Park on February 20th at 2pm.

If you’re in Seattle, you may want to check out the Seattle Rhodesian Ridgeback Group. Everyone in the group owns a Rhodesian Ridgeback and adores the breed. If you have a Ridgeback, this is a great group to join. The other owners share advice about exercise, activities, and breed behavior. Their next meet up is scheduled for Feb 6 at Red Town Trailhead (Cougar Mountain) at 8am.

San Diego has a deaf dog meet up group that has play dates and raises awareness about how to care for a deaf dog and what a great pet a deaf dog can be with some alternative training tips.

NYC and Portland, Or have Shiba Inu meet up groups for those of us who love the tough, cat-like breed and their “shiba scream.”

In Chicago, there are several dog meet up groups. A small dog group is meeting on February 7 at the Stay Dog Hotel for an indoor play date, to attend you must join the meet up group and have a smaller dog that weighs 35lbs or less. Have you ever seen a Great Dane and a Shih Tzu try to play? It’s silly. This is why small dog play groups are great, the energy levels are usually the same, body language is in tune, and it’s very funny to watch a pack of small dogs run around.

Joining to find dog groups is a great way for your dog to get exercise and make new friends. You may make a few new friends too!

Whatever group you find, your dog will thank you for it.

Kimpton Hotels: A Pet-friendly Profile

(This is the first in a continuing series of articles that will highlight particularly pet-friendly hotels and lodgings, offering an in-depth look at their accommodations, amenities and corporate philosophy with regard to accepting animals.)

When you think “pet-friendly hotels,” do middle-of-the-road lodgings come to mind—accommodations
that are decent and comfortable but never luxurious? Are you resigned to the fact that you have to
forgo high-end ambiance if you’re going to travel with your pet? Well, if so, think again. San Francisco-based
Kimpton Hotels is a collection of boutique properties that will truly welcome you and your favorite animal
without the restrictive policies or additional fees you might expect from such an exclusive brand.


Offering a unique combination of innovative programs and pet-friendly amenities, Kimpton gives new meaning to the phrase “creature comforts.” As soon as you step into one of their beautiful hotels, you’ll realize that they didn’t just jump on the pet-friendly bandwagon—reluctantly accepting cats and dogs to increase their market share. On the contrary, Kimpton takes their pets very seriously (as well as with a creative sense of humor) and they play an important role in their progressive and humanitarian approach to guest care.

“We have always respected the emotional connection between pets and their human companions and know that taking your pet with you on the road can create a more memorable travel experience,” said Steve Pinetti, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. “Our creative packages and complimentary amenities add value to each guest’s hotel stay and ultimately set the stage for stress-free pet travel.”


Since the company’s inception in 1981, Kimpton has been host to many unique pet guests from a pet Iguana named “Slim,” at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco, to contestants for the Westminster Kennel Club competition at 70 park avenue hotel in New York. Other unusual pet guests have included an aardvark, an albino kangaroo, an anteater, an armadillo, a bear, a condor, a baby cougar, a flamingo, an ibises, a lemur, penguins, a sloth, and a warthog.


All of Kimpton’s 50 unique hotels offer a host of various pet packages and freebies. Their knowledgeable staff
can also provide guests with the inside scoop about nearby parks, dog sitting, walking and grooming, as well as other pet-friendly services and venues. Some of the hotels even employ four-legged “Directors of Pet Relations” who welcome guests with an enthusiastic wag, leaving no doubt about Kimpton’s respect for and dedication to animals.


Over this holiday season, many of the hotels will be offering a Santa Paws Furry Photo Op where your pet can be snapped up-close and personal with the jolly fat man himself. Some of the other inspired pet packages at Kimpton Hotels include:

  • Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge offers a package including a doggie bed or scratching post for cats. Both cats and dogs receive a basket of gourmet treats and cozy fleece blanket. Animals celebrating a birthday will also receive a cake from Polka Dog Bakery.
  • Four-legged guests at Hotel Allegro in Chicago receive star treatment with a bed, food and water bowls, plus a “sWAG bag” including water, snacks, and a keepsake leash. Human companions receive a copy of Dog Massage: A Whiskers-to-Tail Guide to Your Dog’s Ultimate Petting Experience. $5 per reservation is also donated to the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago.
  • New York bound dogs can take Manhattan in style at 70 park avenue hotel by booking the pet package including a stylish doggie bed, basket with treats and toys, dog umbrella, logo dog bone, and for ultimate pampering – a doggie manicure and pedicure.
  • At the EPIC Hotel in Miami, beyond the necessities like a pet bed, bowls and chew toys, dogs and their human companions also receive a stuffed toy welcome gift, plus a choice of two of the following services: “Pawdicure & Shampoo” treatment, one hour of daily play time, one hour of dog walking at Flamingo Bark Park, or massage for two humans. Companions also receive continental breakfast for two in the restaurant daily.

And if you ever have to travel without your pet, Kimpton still has you covered with its Guppy Love program.thu_petvideo_110x1441
Guests staying at any one of the 22 participating hotels can request a live goldfish to stay overnight in their
room. While it might not replace the companionship of your own animal, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Kimpton has done their research and found that watching colorful fish swim gracefully to-and-fro actually calms nerves, reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure, making our fine-finned friends ideal in-room companions. And you never have to worry about caring for your goldfish because the hotel staff is on-hand for daily feedings and care, allowing travelers the opportunity to enjoy stress-free bonding throughout their stay.

With luxurious accommodations, unparalleled openness and fun and unique animal amenities, Kimpton is an inspired choice for a fantastic, upscale lodging experience for your extended human—and non-human–family. Be sure to check our dedicated database of Kimpton Hotels to find one at your next destination.

Off the Beaten Path: Pet-Friendly Rhode Island

When most people consider Rhode Island vacations, they usually think Newport or Block Island. And while they are great destinations, there are a lot of other extremely beautiful and pet-friendly places to visit in the Ocean State.

Our CEO, Smudge Kingsley, recently packed us up and took us on a road trip to visit some of those places, including South Kingstown (in an area known overall as South County) and Jamestown. We stayed at a fantastic bed and breakfast called the Kings’ Rose in South Kingstown. It’s right down the road from the University of Rhode Island and is run by Barbara Larsen-Viles and her numerous Corgis. It’s a beautiful Williamsburg Colonial-revival home that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With 16 rooms, three fireplaces and over two acres of fantastic gardens (where you can roam with your favorite animal), it is a great place for both people and pets. Barbara is extremely knowledgeable about dogs and encouraged Smudge and Rilee, a friendly and playful Wheaten Terrier, to hang out at the table while breakfast was being served. The Kings’ Rose is all about old-world charm and extreme pet-friendliness. It gets a serious A+ from our CEO, who does not grade lightly.

Formal dress not required at Rhode Island restaurants.
Formal dress tolerated but not encouraged at Rhode Island restaurants.

Emboldened that Smudge didn’t knock the breakfast table over or try to eat other guests’ scrambled eggs, we headed out to Jamestown, which Barbara claimed had two very pet-friendly restaurants. Jamestown is on Conanicut Island which is connected by a bridge over Narragansett Bay to Newport. Its center is a small town right on the water with an incredible view of the the bridge. Even on a Tuesday night, the place was hopping. We tenuously approached Trattoria Simpatico, a very elegant but casual restaurant with a huge patio bar and tented courtyard. There was a jazz band playing and we thought, no way are they going take a 90-pound dog. How wrong we were! It turns out they love dogs and ushered us to a table right next to a water fountain which Smudge, for the next fifteen minutes, kept sticking his head into. Only once did Smudge try to do what we call a smooge (in which he shakes his head lets copious amounts of drool fly). No one screamed so we assumed it didn’t land in anybody’s clam chowder. Our waiter Kevin was great and kept the food and drinks coming. So there we were, listening to jazz, eating great food, while Smudge remained extremely calm and happy, even barking out approval for the guitar player’s excellent licks. Very cool. A+.

The next night we ate across the street at Tricia’s Tropi-Grille (401-423-1490). Tricia, the owner, is such a dog lover that she came out to greet Smudge while we were waiting to get in. And, once we got to our table, she brought over water and dog biscuits. Together with Bridgette, our waitress, they both took fantastic care of Smudge, who seemed to be getting used to being treated like royalty. Just like at Simpatico, the food was great, although instead of Italian cuisine, Tricia’s leans toward Caribbean and Cuban fare. Can you guess the grade? A+.

Back on the mainland, we headed for historic Wickford and had lunch at the Tavern By the Sea. By this time, Smudge was such a restaurant veteran, we were tempted to hand him the wine list to pick out a nice dry Pouilly Fuisse to go with our clam cakes. As usual, the waiters were extremely kind and attentive to Smudge. Chashtin, who wasn’t even waiting our table, immediately brought over some cool water for him and Drew, the bartender, stopped by to tell us about his big white 100-pound Akita. The food was good and the service was even better. Smudge gave them an A. Even though he was in love with Chashtin, he doesn’t want to seem like a total pushover.

Overall, this part of Rhode Island is one of the most pet-friendly areas we’ve ever visited. With thousands of miles of beaches, harbors, lighthouses, state parks, and historic landmarks, it’s an incredible place for a vacation for you and your pet. Also, we were amazed how every road seemed to lead to Gilbert Stuart’s birthplace. We’re going to make some inquiries because Petswelcome would like to learn that trick on Google.

By the way, we can’t leave out the Cove Fish Market in Mystic, CT, where we stopped on our way home. If your dog loves fried oysters or lobster rolls, he can hang out at one of the 40 picnic tables at their outdoor dining area.

Other places to see and visit in this part of Rhode Island:

Beavertail State Park: A beautiful 170-acre state park in Jamestown. It has a lighthouse, an aquarium, rocky cliffs and an expansive view of the New England coastline. Great hiking and picnicking. It’s free and only requires that you keep your dog on a leash.

Fort Wetherill State Park: Also in Jamestown, Fort Wetherill affords spectacular views of Newport Harbor and the east passage of Narragansett Bay. It’s also free and requires your dog to be on a leash.

Kingston Hill Book Store: This is THE best used and antiquarian book store we’ve been to in a long, long time. Smudge browsed the food books with his beloved mistress, Pam, but luckily found none to eat.

Jamestown and Newport Ferry: Stops at Newport, Rose Island, Fort Adams and Goat Island. A $15 all-day pass allows you to get on and off as desired. Great way to see the lighthouses and the bay. Small dogs on leashes allowed, though the harbor master said the captain could be talked into larger dogs….

Three Amazing Pet Friendly Hotels

Taking your pet on a vacation is all fine and good, but where to stay? If you don’t have accommodating friends or in laws to bother, what’s a pet owner to do? We’ve done our part to help out by highlighting some of the nation’s best pet hotels. If you’ve hit the road anywhere in the country, you can rely on these locations to accommodate not only you, but also your furry friend. As you’ll see, some of them have gone over the top, in accommodating our favorite travel companions.

Hotel Monaco
Denver, CO

Hotel Monaco is all about pets. This fun-loving hotel is not only located in one of the best outdoor and pet-friendly cities in the country but it also pulls out all the stops for your dog or cat. Your pet will be greeted with a pet basket, equipped with treats, toys and trimmings for their stay. Your pet will also be listed on the hotels’ Pet Guest Board for all to see. Who wouldn’t want others swooning over their dog’s picture?

This pet hotel also offers pet sitting services and donates a portion of their proceeds to animal shelters. I know, right? Too good!

The James Hotel
Chicago, IL

We’re in the love with The James Hotel and we’re sure your pet will be too. This pet-loving hotel stops at nothing to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. With a pet spa, sitting services, menu, and walking service – you pet will never want to leave. Plus, The James Hotel is a boutique hotel, which makes our Windy City hearts smile.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the award-winning animal behavior specialist on staff or the in-room training sessions you can hire out.

Bowen’s By The Bay’s
Hampton Bays, NY

You’ll love the fact that you’re enjoying summer in the Hamptons and your pets will love this resort’s acres and acres of play space. Although there are no walking or pet services, you’ll likely want to take your pet along with you while you’re on vacation in this beautiful setting. Beaches and fields are in no shortage here! Consider staying at some of the property cottages, which will likely feel more like a house to your dog or cat than a hotel room.

Keep in mind that each of the hotels listed accept pets of all kinds. While dogs are perhaps the most common of the four-legged friends you’re likely to encounter, you will see cats as well. Call ahead and reserve a room now!