Human Foods That Cats Can Eat

Dogs are always curious what we are eating and if you have cats, you know they are too. Making food sometimes means you draw a crowd of little furry friends who sniff the air and stare at you and the stove wondering what smells so good. It can be hard to resist giving your cat a little bit of the dinner you’re having. One of my cats loves to eat tortilla chips and my other cat has a weakness for butter. I rarely give them anything because I know it’s not good for them and can be hard for their bodies to digest.

There are lists and lists of food to avoid giving your cats and why they are harmful but did you know there are some that are ok to give? Small quantities and not very often are the best rules when indulging their curiosity.

Here’s some human foods that our cats can have a little taste of now and then:

1: Cats are carnivores. We are omnivores. However, cats sometimes end up liking the taste of vegetables and while they won’t get much nutrition from them, it’s not bad to give them a few nibbles. It is ok to offer steamed broccoli, carrots, asparagus, and even winter squash. I cannot guarantee your cat will care for this at all. Mine would rather have bacon. If you think you want your cat to be vegan or vegetarian talk to your vet. They aren’t made to be vegetarian and you could cause more harm than good.

2: Cheese is ok for cats to eat even though dairy often makes the list of foods that are dangerous for them. It is because cats are actually lactose intolerant and can have diarrhea from eating any dairy product. However, a small amount should be ok unless you cat is extremely sensitive to diet changes. If she’s begging, try a tiny bit of cottage cheese or sour cream. It could be a special treat for her.

3: Your cat can totally have a little bit of that tuna you’re making. Uncooked fish and the acids in it can deplete your cat’s Vitamin E levels so small doses. Also, since fish does contain mercury, don’t over do it for yourself or your cat. Avoid giving your cat uncooked fish though, since the thiaminase in it can break down thiamine and you never know if there is a chance of a tapeworm or something being passed to your cat.

4: Cats can have eggs and they would be wise to nom on them because of the high levels of protein. Hard boiled or cooked eggs without any spices or salt are great for your cat. Do not try to give your cat a raw egg. The chances of salmonella and E. coli are too great and could make your cat sick as well as you. Maybe as a special dinner now and then, a little of egg mixed in with her regular cat food would be nice. Plus who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner?!

5: Cats are carnivores. They love meat. So it makes sense to give them that. Cooked meat is safest and chicken, beef, and pork are number one on their list of what they’d like to eat. Be careful to not give too much meat because as with anything, your cat can get an upset stomach. Too much fat and meat can cause diarrhea.

Remember, small quantities and moderation are key. You don’t want to make your cat sick or chubby.

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5 thoughts on “Human Foods That Cats Can Eat

  1. OMG! My cat loves all these foods. Although even given in a little amount he cannot tolerate the cheese. this article is a life saver! Can you give them some chicken salad or is the mayo sauce in their too much? thanx so much!

  2. my cat eats bread from the floor is
    that ok because she not getting sick
    . thanks for the advice on the cat food
    they can eat.

  3. Yes its ok to give your cat bread but one piece Is enough and btw most animals like white bread more than wheat

  4. I like to feed my cat horse it’s an interesting spin on the food chain that is making her super lean and muscular

  5. Cats cannot get salmonella or E Coli because their digestive track is too short for it todevelop. Same with dogs. That is why the can eat a raw diet.