Norfolk Terriers: The Perfect Demon

The Norfolk is a native of England and was once though to be the same breed as the Norwich Terrier until the late 1970s when the pricked ears became a distinguishing factor between the two breeds. Today they have slightly different physical differences and breed standards.

Norfolks are small terriers who were once used as barnyard ratters and fox hunters. They are hard-working, small dogs and are considered the “perfect demon” when working with farmers and hunters to catch and drive out prey.


The Norfolk Terrier has a wire-haired coat that is usually shades of red, wheaten, black and tan, or grizzle. They are the smallest of the working terriers and have a good bone structure, are agile, and compact.
Norfolk terriers are moderately proportioned dogs.


Norfolks are often described as fearless, tenacious, and active. They are aggressive when working but have soft temperaments when it comes to interacting with their families and children. They are playful and need lots of activities or else you may end up with a torn up couch cushion or chewed up remote control.
They don’t bark often but when they do, it can sound like a yappy bark.

Because of their high prey drive, Norfolks shouldn’t be off-leash in public spaces. The sight of a small animal like a squirrel can trigger their prey drive and send them off on a hunt.

They do make great pets and love people very much. They are described as confident dogs who are good-spirited, happy, and intelligent. They love attention and enjoy learning new tricks, playing with toys, and can do well with other dogs as long as they are well-socialized when young.

If you are considering bringing a Norfolk Terrier into your home be ready for some laughs, a few holes in your yard, and lots of love. Keep their minds sharp with new toys, puzzles, and activities and you’ll have a happy little terrier who will gladly share your home for the next 12 to 15 years.

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