Las Vegas Bans Sale of Puppies From Puppy Mills

The city council of Las Vegas has stepped up in their fight against puppy mills. In January, the council banned the sale of puppies from puppy mills, including organizations that intentionally breed pets for profit. The ban extends to kittens and piglets as well. The pet stores in Las Vegas have two years to comply with the new law.

Banning the sale of these pets helps put puppy mills out of business. There are other alternatives to find a pet such as reputable breeders and adopting from shelters and rescue groups. Many groups have teamed up with pet stores and have adoption areas in the store.

Some other cities that have bans on selling puppy mills pets are:

Albuquerque, New Mexico
West Hollywood, California
El Paso, Texas
Austin, Texas
Lake Worth, Florida
Glendale, California
Brick, New Jersey
Burbank, California
Hoboken, New Jersey
Toledo, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois
Bay Harbor Islands, Florida
Memphis, Michigan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Glassboro, New Jersey

Atlantic City Hotel Allows Dogs to Stay

Dog lovers who know their best friend can be good luck will be able to bring their furry companion to Atlantic City starting on Feb. 24. Showboat Casino Hotel will become the city’s first dog-friendly casino and will begin accepting reservations online on Feb. 14. There will be 9 rooms offered for you and your tail wagging good luck charm to stay in, and upon checking in, a pet bed, bowls, and treats!

To book a room for you and your dog will cost an extra $40 but during the introductory period, Showboat is waiving the fee and will throw a promotional party on March 3 and will present a donation of $1000 to the Ocean City Humane Society.

For your dog, there will be a relief area at States and Pacific avenues that will be roped off and just for your dog to go potty. Showboat will provide cleanup bags if you need them. Dogs are only allowed in the relief area and the hotel room. They cannot go hit the slots or the bar with you.

Known as Pet Stay, the program that launched pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, is working with Showboat and if it is successful, three more hotels may also become dog friendly this year in Atlantic City as well!

So looking for that weekend getaway from the tri-state area? Not sure if you can get a boarding facility to take Fido for your spontaneous weekend trip? Don’t worry! Take him with you and rub his belly for good luck.

Also, February 27 to March 5, 2011 is restaurant week in Atlantic City with prix fixe lunch and dinners for you to indulge in! So play, eat, and take your furry friend on a trip away from the Big Apple.

Dog-Friendly Vacationing in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas attracts tourists year-round for all sorts of reasons. If you want to take a break from the normal hedonistic activities, there are many safe things to do with your dog. Try to avoid going to Las Vegas in the summer with your dog, as it gets way too hot!

Where to Stay

First, you’ll need to find a place to stay. Vegas can be really, really, really busy when a convention or major event comes to town, which is pretty much all of the time. It’s really important to book a room in advance if you are planning to get a hotel in a decent location, or for a decent price. Here are 2 options for finding a room – pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas and dog friendly hotels in Las Vegas.


Historic Hot Spring Mountain Ranch

This ranch is located in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, and surrounded by the cliffs of Wilson Range. It has 520 acres, and used to house German actress Vera Krupp, and millionaire Howard Hughes. There are many beautiful trails and picnic areas. Dogs can go here on leash, but not in any of the buildings.

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

This is a historic park, located right downtown in Las Vegas. It is home to the first non-native settlers in Las Vegas, who were a group of Mormons in 1855 (how ironic!). The park has the remnants of the original adobe fort. You must pay an entrance fee, and dogs can be here on a leash, on the outside grounds.


Desert Breeze County Park

This is a nice park that has picnic tables, sports fields and a dog park. Dogs can go off-leash in the designated area, that includes benches, trees, garbage cans and water fountains.

Shadow Rock Park

This park has sports fields, picnic areas, playgrounds and a dog park. Dogs can be off-leash at the designated area, which has trees, shade shelters, benches, trash cans, garbage cans and water taps.

Lake Mead

lake-mead-dogThis area is located in Boulder City, Nevada, 25 miles from Las Vegas and has 1.5 million acres. If you go up to the lake, make sure to bring food to feed the fish, as there are millions of them and they go crazy! Dogs are allowed on leash, and you can hike around the lake.


Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

This is a Mexican restaurant that has locations all over Las Vegas and surrounding areas. They have fresh ingredients, and all sorts of Mexican specialties like burritos, tacos and enchiladas. Dogs can be at the outdoor tables.

Mountain Springs Saloon

This is a bar with a great beer selection, but not as much food. It has live music Friday and Saturday nights. Dogs can be at the outdoor tables.

Mountain Hams and Deli

This is a deli that has American food and sandwiches, as well as pizza. Dogs are allowed at outdoor tables.