Atlantic City Hotel Allows Dogs to Stay

Dog lovers who know their best friend can be good luck will be able to bring their furry companion to Atlantic City starting on Feb. 24. Showboat Casino Hotel will become the city’s first dog-friendly casino and will begin accepting reservations online on Feb. 14. There will be 9 rooms offered for you and your tail wagging good luck charm to stay in, and upon checking in, a pet bed, bowls, and treats!

To book a room for you and your dog will cost an extra $40 but during the introductory period, Showboat is waiving the fee and will throw a promotional party on March 3 and will present a donation of $1000 to the Ocean City Humane Society.

For your dog, there will be a relief area at States and Pacific avenues that will be roped off and just for your dog to go potty. Showboat will provide cleanup bags if you need them. Dogs are only allowed in the relief area and the hotel room. They cannot go hit the slots or the bar with you.

Known as Pet Stay, the program that launched pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, is working with Showboat and if it is successful, three more hotels may also become dog friendly this year in Atlantic City as well!

So looking for that weekend getaway from the tri-state area? Not sure if you can get a boarding facility to take Fido for your spontaneous weekend trip? Don’t worry! Take him with you and rub his belly for good luck.

Also, February 27 to March 5, 2011 is restaurant week in Atlantic City with prix fixe lunch and dinners for you to indulge in! So play, eat, and take your furry friend on a trip away from the Big Apple.


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