Tips for Summer Getaways With Your Dog

Taking your dog for a hike? Going camping this summer? Great idea! But first, be sure you and your dog are prepared for the upcoming trek. Here are a few tips for taking your dog on a camping trip or summer hike.

6 Tips For Summer Getaways

  1. Expect the Unexpected – Although you can probably expect temperate weather, summer trips can mean unpredictable highs and lows. Be prepared and pack knowingly. Tarps for keeping dry and extra towels are a good idea for any trip; if unexpected rain arrives, you won’t be caught stuck in the rain. The same goes for unexpectedly warm weather as well. And in this case, being stuck on a hike or camping trip with an overheated pet can be far worse than having a soggy doggy.
  2. Overheated Dogs – Each year, pet owners are caught in the terrible position of dealing with an overheated pet. Hot temperatures and not enough water can be a deadly combination. Even if your pet is drinking water it still can result in your dog being overly warm. Be sure to pack plenty of water. In addition to this, keep an eye out for strange behavior coming from your dog. If you’re hot, your dog probably is too. Also, have a place for your dog to rest in the shade and do what you can to help keep your canine cool – he’ll thank you for it later!
  3. Toys, Toys, Toys – Although sand dunes and forest fields provide endless amount of distractions for your dog, bring something for them to play with anyway. As you may know, dogs can get both easily distracted and easily bored with a task. Having a bone on hand for the down time will keep your dogs attention where it should be and not on everything else.
  4. Bring the Leash – Sure, you’re dog is excellent at the dog park or in your back yard off leash but being in a new environment can be distracting. When you travel, be sure to bring your dog’s leash. It will come in handy when your dog decides it wants nothing more than to entertain the family eating dinner nearby, or when they decide to go on a squirrel-chasing escapade.
  5. Don’t Forget the basics – Don’t forget the essentials like dog food, water, and poop bags. Additionally, try to provide some bedding for your pet that he will be comfortable sleeping on. Many traveling dog owners bring a crate to contain all the dog energy when it becomes overbearing at night time, or just a little too much overall.
  6. Identification and Emergency Care – Check those dog tags, updated the microchip information, and carry the # of your vet with you as well as looking up the emergency hospitals that are nearby where you are staying. If your dog gets injured on a hike, becomes ill, or gets lost, it’s best to be ready to tackle them with a prepared and calm attitude. It’s scary enough to have a sick or lost pet, planning can help ease fears a little.

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