Top 5 Pet Friendly Cities

If it’s time to try out a new city or move for work, there are some great places that are very pet friendly. The list of the most pet friendly cities is based on several things such as size of the city, walkability, dog parks, businesses that cater to pets, and legislature.

Here are the top 5 best cities to live with your pet:

1: New York City: Despite limited places for your dog to urinate, the city is full of dog parks and dog runs, over 120. There are a lot of dog friendly cafes, bars, and pet services available throughout the 5 boroughs. If you can afford the cost of living, want to live in a city that really does never sleep, and want some great pizza, NYC might be the place for you. NYC also has the ASPCA and has been striving to improve the welfare of animals in the NYC area and beyond.

2: Chicago, Illinois: This city has the most pet-friendly hotels, vacation homes, restaurants, and other public places that love pets. There’s some amazing parks to wander through and each year you can bring your dog to the annual “Dog Day” baseball game and watch the White Sox play with your pup. There’s a wonderful trail that is 18 miles at Lakefront Trail for you and your furry friend to wander during the nice weather.

3: Boston, Massachusetts: The public transportation system allows well-behaved leashed dogs to ride the Boston T making it one of the easiest cities to get around with your dog. There’s a lot of dog parks, pet services, and hiking trails available for some exercise and bonding time with your pup. The restaurants allow dogs at their outdoor seating areas but policies differ from place to place.

4: San Francisco, California: The City by the Bay is a great place to settle down with your pets. Dogs are allowed on the public transportation system including the cable cars, muni buses, trains, and ferries. This helps cut down on using a car and can save you a fortune. A walk along Fisherman’s Wharf or letting your dog run around in the off-leash areas of the parks is a great way to spend an afternoon. The San Francisco Giants even have a Dog Day where you bring your pup and watch the game.

5: Seattle, Washington: This city offers some of the most pet-friendly places to stay if you’re just visiting but also has many pet-friendly apartments to rent. Dogs of all sizes are allowed on the buses and trains as long as they are leashed. The washington Ferry also allows dogs to ride. There are plenty of hiking trails and parks where you and your dog can romp and explore together. The only downfall might be the amount it rains but if you don’t care about that and your dog likes water, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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One thought on “Top 5 Pet Friendly Cities

  1. I live in Queens, NY (one of the outer boroughs). I agree that NYC has lots of dog parks and plenty of facilities for pets. Unfortunately, if you are planning on moving here (into a condo or co-op) you will have a hard time finding one that accepts pets. The majority of people I know who live in apartments and have pets have them illegally.