Travel Checklist For Your Pet

Going on a trip with your pet? Don’t forget the following items and things to do before you go:

1: Medication – If your pet is on medicine for an ailment, make sure you have enough of it for the duration of your trip. Pick up refills that your pet will need. Don’t forget the flea, tick, and heartworm meds as well.

2: Kennel or carrier – Some places you stay will require that your dog stay in a carrier or kennel when left alone. The kennel is also a safe way to travel if you aren’t using a dog seat belt.

3: Food and Water bowls – Rest stop areas are good places to give your pet a little drink of water, snack, and a few minutes to stretch. Don’t forget the food, especially if it’s a special prescription diet.

4: Plastic bags, litter box, litter, scoop – Clean up after your pet no matter where you are staying.

5: Bedding – If your pet has its own bed, bring it. It’ll help them relax to have something that smells like home.

6: Vet records – Bring a copy of your pet’s vaccines with you in case you are planning on boarding your pet or the hotel asks for copies.

7: Pet First-Aid Kit – It’s better to be safe and have this on hand in case your buddy gets injured on the trip.

8: Find the number and address of the nearest ER vet where you are staying and keep that information handy.

9: Identification – Check that tags on the collar are fastened tightly, have the microchip ID written down somewhere, and a photo of your pet in case she gets lost while on vacation. Make sure she’s wearing her ID at all times.

10: Make sure your pet is welcome – some hotels welcome pets and some do not. Some states and counties have breed restrictions. If your pet is the breed that is restricted or could look like it, you may have to find an alternative to bringing her along such as boarding or finding a dog sitter. Find out before you go.

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