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Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts Pet Policies & Information

What is the Intercontinental life? It's a way of living and traveling that seeks out the best life has to offer. From cultural exploration to fine dining to roaming among architectural grandeur, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts is the place to stay for the traveller with sophisticated tastes. And what could be more sophisticated than traveling with your pet? Pet friendly Intercontinental Hotels has you covered on that front, too! So next time you're in the mood to spoil yourself (and your pet), plan a trip with Intercontinental in mind. We guarantee your best buddy will go along, tail wagging, for the ride.

Pet Policy:

Intercontinental Hotels pet policies vary from property to property, including pet fees and weight limits. Check petswelcome's individual listings to find out the policy of the particular Intercontinental Hotel property you are considering.

Pet Travel Tip:

When traveling internationally with a pet, flying is really the only practical option. So be sure to carefully research the pet policies and guidelines of the airlines that serve your destination. A safe and comfortable flight for your pet will go far in making your trip a successful one.

Some History:

Intercontinental Hotels opened its first hotel in Belem, Brazil. It then expanded to many cities worldwide to become the world's first international luxury brand.

Standard Amenities that Can be found at Intercontinental Hotels:
  • 39 Pet friendly locations around the world
  • Private Limousines available
  • Locally inspired onsite bar and restaurants
  • Gathering and meeting spaces
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • 24-Hour Business Center
  • Voice mail
  • Data ports