13 Ways We Annoy Our Pets

Our pets mean the world to us. We love them and they love us. But, as with anyone we live with, we also annoy each other. Our pets may have some behaviors that drive us batty like waking us up in the middle of the night by playing with a toy, or barking and trying to chase squirrels on a walk. Truth be told we also annoy them. “No way!” you say? Well, come on, think about it for a minute. We totally do. Still not convinced?

13 Annoying Things We Do To Our Pets

We dress them up

Do you think a cat or dog REALLY wants to wear clothes? Much less enter a costume contest at a pet event?

We play music or our TV loud and laugh out loud

Haven’t you noticed your cat’s ears go back and flat against their head when we talk too loud, laugh too long, or have the volume turned up high? Yeah, you have.

On days off we don’t get up at the same time as we do the other 5 days of the week

Our pets are on a routine and by sleeping in or going out late, we throw it off and annoy them.

We insist on taking pictures of them with our smartphones

And we get right up in their faces. We also try to make them pose or do a trick that they just did and don’t want to do again.

We tease them

Holding a treat to make a dog stand up, playing with a rope toy and then making it “disappear” with our cats, or hiding a treat from our hamsters annoy them. They would rather just have the toy and treat without the teasing.

We call ourselves their mom and dad

Our pets are too smart and know they are not biologically related to us. They also are well aware that they OWN us.

We confuse them with toys that look like other toys

One stuffed animal that belongs to your kid has a similar look and feel to the one that is for our dogs. They don’t want to get in trouble for grabbing the wrong one but it’s not always easy to figure out which is the “right” one when they are both on the floor.

We let our kids ride the family dog like a horse

It’s a doggie, not a horse.

We wear scents

Perfume, cologne, lotions that have scents annoy our pets. They don’t want the house to smell like that and it is overpowering to the highly sensitive cat and dog noses. They don’t want to be hugged and kissed when we smell unnatural. They might like us better if we smelled like bacon or chicken.

We put little bows in their fur

You know why dogs aren’t fans of the groomer? It’s because of the little bows with rubber bands. They tug at your pet’s fur. The bath and nail trimming isn’t that bad. It’s the bow. A bandana, however, makes a dog feel cool.

We blow in their ears and faces

This is another form of teasing. As much as our dogs might like feeling the wind against their face while riding in a car, they do not appreciate us blowing in their ears to “tickle” them. In fact, some dogs and cats may turn around and smack you and – well, you can’t blame them.

When taking our dog for a walk we don’t always let them sniff

Just because we are in a rush doesn’t mean our dog is. This is their time to check things out and it’s like “reading the paper” for them. Let them sniff and be a dog. If you seem to be running late often, then think about altering the schedule of walks to allow your dog some time to sniff, explore, and just be.

We force our pets to meet our friends

It’s not as easy to force a cat but we do try to get our pets to be nice to our friends. It’s best to let our pets take their time in saying hello to friends and neighbors. It’s also best to let our pets take their time in meeting other pets at the dog park or at pet events.

We don’t mean to, but we do annoy our pets, just as they annoy us. It’s a little give and take and all part of living together. However, the one thing that can’t be denied is that we do all these things out of love.

Can you think of other things we do that annoy our pets?

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