5 Great Small Watchdog Breeds for Apartment Living

If you are thinking of getting a pup and live in an apartment or small house, a smaller dog works well. They take up less physical space and their wagging tails are less likely to knock things off the coffee table. Also, if you want a dog that has a big bark and may have an innate ability to be a “watchdog,” then check out these 5 breeds that might be right for you.

5 Small Breed Watchdogs

According to Apartments.com these 5 breeds keep a watchful eye over your home.

  1. Dachshund – small, long bodied, and playful. These guys live long lives and are very loyal to their families. They are leery of new people and have a loud barks to let you know when a stranger is nearby. These guys can sometimes be a little stubborn when it comes to training but make great companions for anyone who lives alone.
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  3. Scottish terrier – Scotties are hearty dogs with coarse coats and are very smart, confident, and cautious with new people. Their bark is piercing and loud which will wake you up in the middle of the night if someone is at your door.
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  5. Poodle – Toy and mini poodles are great for apartment living. They are lighthearted and very perky little fellas. Their intelligence and loyalty to their family makes them great companions and watchdogs. Their bark is loud and somewhat high-pitched which draws a lot of attention.
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  7. Chihuahua – Small and sometimes skittish these guys make great watchdogs. The alertness and protective nature keep them on alert at all times. They don’t hesitate to bark or growl if they sense trouble. Just make sure you have a sweater for them as their thin coats aren’t enough to keep them warm in cold climates.
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  9. Mini Schnauzer – These guys make excellent watchdogs as they seem to naturally distrust strangers. They are territorial and will let the world know if someone is entering their domain. They are very smart and training can be easy but they are also hunters (ratters) by nature so don’t be shocked if they get distracted and go chase a squirrel during a session of “sit and stay.”
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    To read more about the top 5 small breeds, check out the full article here.

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