Dog-Friendly Vacationing Around Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming is a small town in western Wyoming. It is the place to stay for people who are visiting the various parks located in its proximity, especially Yellowstone National Park. The town itself also has some interesting things to offer. This is definitely a great place to bring athletic, adventurous dogs, but make sure you understand the rules at the various parks before you begin your journey.


Amaze’n Jackson Hole

This is an outdoor giant maze that you can try to figure out with your leashed dog.

National Elk Refuge

This is a giant outdoor elk refuge that is aimed to restore the population and habitat of these creatures. Leashed dogs are allowed to walk around here with owners, but must stay in designated areas.

Wild West Jeep Tours

These jeep tours have several different pick-up and drop-off locations around Jackson, Wyoming. The naturalist guides can take you around to see views of the Grand Tetons, and show you some other interesting scenery. These jeeps can hold 6 people, but if there is a dog, there must be at least four people together with it. Dogs must be leashed for this tour.


Yellowstone National Park

If you are in the area you might as well check out the famous Yellowstone National Park. It was established as the first American national park in 1872, and sprawls throughout Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. It is known for its ecosystem which supports many bears, bison, elk and wolves.

If you are bringing your dog to Yellowstone National Park, they are allowed in the parking areas, the campgrounds and within 100 feet of the roads. They must be on a leash shorter than six feet. They can be left in the car for a short period of time while you are viewing something, but cannot be tied to anything in the open.

Click here to watch a video and read the rules about taking your dog to Yellowstone National Park.

Bridger-Teton National Forest

This national forest encompasses over 3.4 million acres of land. Within this, there are over 1,000 miles of trails to explore, some of which are accessible through Jackson. Dogs can join you on a leash that is shorter than 6 feet.

Outdoor Restaurants

Betty Rock Coffee House & Cafe

This cafe has outdoor seating in the summer, where dogs are allowed on leash. They serve food like sandwiches, pizzas and baked goods.

Bon Appe Thai

Bon Appe Thai is a Thai restaurant that serves things like curry, noodles and soups. They have outdoor seating in the summer, and dogs can go on leash.

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