How to Feed Your Mouse Effectively

Feeding your mouse correctly is important, whether stationary or while traveling.

Mice should stick to a routine when they eat. You should try to feed them the same time every day. Mice should drink water, not milk, and should have a constant supply of it.

Mice are one of the easier pets to feed. Their diet consists of a base of seeds and grains. They can eat mixes meant for hamsters, but if the mix has lots of sunflower seeds or nuts in it, make sure to take some of them out. Their diets should not be too high in fat, or else they will gain weight. Every once in a while, it is good to feed your mouse dog or cat food, dry or wet. Mice can also eat lab blocks; many of these lab blocks are designed for rats, which are fine to feed mice. Some mice owners prefer lab blocks over mixes, because mice cannot separate the food parts they prefer out of the block. They can be fed commercial pellets, but this is a boring diet and should be mixed up.

In addition to its base, you should also feed your mouse fresh food sometimes, like fruits or vegetables. Some good ones can be tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, greens or apples. Be sure to present these foods washed and, if necessary, peeled. You can even feed your mouse grass or dandelions from the yard. To prevent your mouse’s teeth from growing too long, you can feed it a dog biscuit or dried bread on occasion.

Mice should also have carbohydrates in their diets. You can feed your pet mouse prepared porridge, oatmeal, rice or pasta. They also need to have calcium in their diets, especially if they are pregnant. A good way to feed them calcium is to add a little yogurt or sour cream on top of the prepared carb foods. If your mouse is pregnant, you should also feed her vitamins by dropping some dissolved vitamin solution onto her food.

If you want to give your mouse a treat, a little peanut butter on bread works. Refrain from feeding your mouse any candy or chips. Never feed your mouse chocolate, because that will make it very ill.

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One thought on “How to Feed Your Mouse Effectively

  1. This is bad information, most of which is untrue. Mice should not eat a seed mix for hamsters. They should also not eat cat food. There are some home-made mixes that can be fed, but need a lab-block staple. The best lab block available is Harlan Teklad, or Native Earth. These are specially formulated diets for rodents. Also, small amounts of chocolate, while not healthy, certainly won’t kill your mouse.