Hotel Travel Tips

Ok, so you found a nice hotel where you and your dog can hang out. The hotel has given your dog a special bed, treats, and and complimentary toys.You’ve brought enough food, made sure to bring proof of vaccinations, and your dog isn’t too weirded out by the new space. Now it’s time to go play and explore.

But what about those moments when you’re not able to bring your pet with you as you go out to do something? What should you do with your furry buddy? Hotels all have policies and conditions about leaving pets in the room alone, make sure you have read it before you head out on your trip. Some will ask for you to bring a crate or kennel carrier and others may have a strict policy that no pet can be left alone in the room.

Here are some tips to make sure your stay at the hotel is comfortable:

1: Follow the pet policy and check it for size restrictions, number of pets, and other rules. Some hotels embrace having pets in the hotel and will have a page or section about their pet policy. Other hotels may have a small mention on their site which means they may not be as open or willing to have pets on a regular basis at their establishment. Call the hotel to make sure and confirm if there is an extra fee for pets.

2: Don’t try to sneak your pet into a hotel. You may be asked to leave and will then have to hustle to find another place to stay.

3: When you need to leave your pet alone in the room, crate her. The cleaning staff may not be expecting to see a dog and you don’t want your pup running through the halls of the hotel while you went to an art exhibit or grabbed lunch. If your dog can’t be left alone in the hotel or doesn’t like being crated, see if there is a doggie daycare nearby or a boarding place where you can drop her off for a few hours.

4: If your dog has an accident, call housekeeping to clean it. Leave it to the pros. Don’t use the towels in the room.

5: If the hotel has a dog walking service, don’t forget to leave a tip.

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