MaxDaddy: Helping Pets With CBD

Petswelcome is always on the lookout for companies that are working to make pets’ lives better. The best ones don’t start out by getting their MBAs to try and come up with a profitable business plan. Instead, they often discover their calling in a much more personal and meaningful way, one that involves their own […]

New and Diverse Pet-Friendly Lodging Listings

View from the Ester Lee

In the twenty-plus years since we founded petswelcome, we’ve always been amazed at the variety of pet-friendly lodgings that we get to list on the site. If anything, it has gotten more diverse, defined not only by allowing pets but by a wide range of policies, amenities, prices and locales that are as varied as […]

Three Upscale Pet Friendly Hotels to Escape To

The Lodge at Cloudcroft

Sometimes at petswelcome we choose a destination based on the merits of the hotel itself, rather than the particular city it’s in, or even the cultural, artistic, historic, and tourist attractions the area has to offer.  We like ensconcing ourselves in upscale pet friendly hotels and enjoying all the amenities they provide and then, if […]

Win a Free Night at Motel 6!

There’s only one thing better than hitting the road with your pet–and that’s not paying for it! The nice people at Motel 6 know this and have offered Petswelcome travelers a free night at one of their motels. All you have to do to be eligible is create a Petswelcome Passport account. There’s no cost […]

Need a Weekend Getaway? Head to Essex Resort!

Hey everyone, you and your dog deserve an end of spring getaway and The Essex Resort and Spa in Essex, VT is making it easy for you. Top Dog Weekend is their special end of Spring getaway for people and their pups scheduled for the weekend of May 31 to June 2, 2013. The package […]

Spring Travel with Pets

Spring is a great time to plan weekend getaways in the United States. The weather warms up and you can still find places to ski but also places to camp, hike, and be outside. With the holidays that come around in spring, the kids have some weeks off from school which can make planning vacations […]

Do you LIKE PetsWelcome on Facebook?

Those of you reading this article on PetsWelcome are, in all likelihood, subscribers to our newsletter. That’s great, because it’s the easiest way to keep up with the new things we publish here on the PetsWelcome blog. But even though there’s a Facebook box on the website and in the newsletters, you may not realize […]

PetsWelcome Pet Portrait Contest Winner (Plus a New Contest)

Do you remember the Pet Portrait Contest we ran on PetsWelcome earlier this year? Anyone who submitted a fun pet-friendly place to our “Fun & Cool Places” list was entered, and the prize was a painted portrait of your pet. Well, we’re happy to announce the winner of that contest, and reveal the lovely portrait. […]

11 Hilarious Animal Tumblrs

It’s no secret we love our pets. On our desks at work we have pictures of our families, which includes pets. On our smartphones we have pictures of our pets and some of us pose as our pets on twitter. We aren’t the only ones. There are plenty of others out there who love cats, […]

Hug This! Shiba Inu Squishable Kickstarter (ends August 9)

It’s no secret we love dogs. We also love toys, gadgets, and companies that promote greener ways to care for our pets. We also love fun, silly things like big plushy stuffed animals that resemble our beloved pets and other animals we find adorable. There are so many cute stuffed animals that resemble our cats, […]

Share A Pic, Save A Pet

If you have a Facebook profile, there’s an app that you might be interested in. No, it’s not a game or weird mush of generate questions that will flood your timeline. It’s an application that can save a pet’s life and all you have to do is donate your Facebook profile page to share and […]

Petswelcome to Bribe Visitors (with Great Prizes)!

It works for unscrupulous politicians . Which is a tautology.  Which is the opposite of an oxymoron. So why not for What we’re trying to say is that we’re desperate for people to like us. Not for any financial gain, of course. No way. Just because, well, we’re needy and insecure. Also, because we […]