Advice for Traveling with Your Gerbil


Gerbils are one of the easier pets to travel with. You just have to take a few easy steps to make sure it is done safely.

If its home cage is a small size, then you can just use that for the trip. The other option is to purchase a plastic tank, or just a smaller carrier, that can be its travel cage. Before you embark on your trip, you should get your gerbil used to its new cage. You can put it in the new cage for a few minutes each day before you take off. When you are driving, you should take out its running wheel. It can pop off and hurt your gerbil if you make a sharp turn.

You should take off the water bottle from your gerbil’s cage when you travel. However, one of the most important things is to keep your pet gerbil properly hydrated during your journey. When you take breaks, you should put the water bottle back on the cage so it can have a drink. You can feed it a carrot, apple, or something else with tons of water in it, so that it doesn’t become dehydrated.


Make sure to keep the cage clean during your journey, for sake of both you and your gerbil. You should clean the cage out and remove bedding on a regular schedule. Bring along extra bedding, water and food. The place you are going to may not have gerbil supplies available, or they may be overpriced, or just not the ones you want. You should bring the same brands that you use at home, so that your gerbil is comfortable in its settings. It’s not a good idea to start experimenting with new foods when you are traveling, in case they do not agree with your pet.

If you need to move your gerbil, do not pick it up by its tail. The tail can snap off unexpectedly when you are holding it in this manner.

Keep your gerbil in a comfortable climate. Do not let it sit in direct sunlight. Do not leave it in the car for extending periods of time, especially when it is really hot or really cold out. When driving, make sure your gerbil is in a comfortable place. Do not put it in the passenger seat of your car, or on your lap, as this can be dangerous if there is any sudden stop. The best places for them are on the floor of the back seat, or securely fit on the surface of the back seat. Do not place it in a trunk that does not have circulated air and open space with the rest of the vehicle.


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